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Hotspot Shield Latest Version
Hotspot Shield Latest Version | Download Hotspot Shield APK for Android – Hotspot Shield is an Application and Service that permits you to access a Virtual Private Network service provider or what you usually call a Digital Private Network (VPN), completely free or paid to secure your individual data details and at the exact same time to secure your internet connection from a hostpot that you such as. When you are using Wifi, use it. When you are utilizing a wifi connection, this application is very vital to utilize. Specifically for those of you who typically make use of wifi connections from public hotspots such as others, coffee shops and workplaces

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Name: Hotspot Shield
License: Trial
Version: 7.0.0 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
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4.5/5 - (2 votes)
Operating System: Android

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Hotspot Shield Review

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN application that can be made use of to protect your privacy information while surfing the internet. When accessing the internet utilizing this application your identity will be anonymous. By utilizing this application you can likewise access sites that are obstructed by the government or the ISP that you are making use of. Aside from that, if you frequently utilize public networks like Wi-fi in cafes, this app can also shield you.

Hotspot Shield is among the most well-known VPN solutions and has many individuals in various regions. Hotspot Shield supports several platforms, from Chrome browser, Firefox, to Android which makes it so well-known. Along with securing you from hazardous online hazards, this application also permits you to access any type of obstructed sites.

By utilizing Hotspot Shield, you do not have to stress regarding it taking place. There are lots of VPN applications that you can make use of on a Windows PC, yet Hotspot Shield is normally the choice of many individuals.

When the free version was evaluated on a computer system with an internet rate of 10 Mbps, the rate didn’t visibly drop also though it was utilized to watch online videos and download documents. After examining a number of times on, the download rate is around 7 Mbps.

The distinction between the superior and free versions of Hotspot Shield is rather far. When internet usage is nearing this limit, Hotspot Shield will certainly display a warning message. When the use gets to the limitation, you have to wait till the following day to return to making use of Hotspot Shield.

One more restriction, the free version of Hotspot Shield can just use the IP address of the United States, while the premium version can change between 70 nations such as Japan, Germany, Brazil, Canada and others. If you only wish to open up blocked sites like Reddit or others, after that this free version suffices. If you desire to enjoy Netflix or online videos that can only be accessed in certain countries, then there is no various other means other than to make use of the premium version.

Hotspot Shield for Android
Hotspot Shield for Android

Hotspot Shield can also run instantly when you attach to a hotspot or other network. There is an option to run it at start-up if you want to always utilize it. It’s also worth stating that Hotspot Shield utilizes a different IP each time the connection is activated. A vibrant IP like this uses much better security for the users and on the other hand also benefits the VPN company as it keeps expenses down.

Hotspot Shield Features and Uses

  1. Military grade security. This application is outfitted with military-grade file encryption that not just secures your privacy data, but this application likewise obstructs millions of sites that consist of malware and phishing to secure its customers.
  2. Rapid VPN servers. Hotspot Shield provides greater than 3,200 web servers in greater than 70 countries. But also for free individuals, you can just use one web server. Instead of utilizing OpenVPN technology like other VPN applications, this application utilizes the Propel Hydra protocol which is much faster and a lot more secure.
  3. Supports all systems that make it so popular. In addition to being offered for Windows Computers, this app is additionally readily available for iOS, Android, and MacOS.
  4. User-friendly interface, light, simple and easy to utilize. This application is loaded with a simple and easy to utilize interface. If this is your initial time using it, you do not need to fret about difficulties.
  5. A rather popular VPN application on different systems. Hotspot Shield has even more than 650 million individuals which suggests this service is rather popular and liked by many individuals.
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